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Wedding Flowers: Where Floral Design and Eco-Friendly Practices Meet for Sustainable Impact

Updated: Mar 13

A pink poppy grown in Cheshire on wedding celebration table


As an entrepreneur, I've embraced what I call 'Blooming Responsibility'—prioritising our planet, our people, and our profit. In 2017, I launched a 'Bee-Friendly' collection for eco-conscious couples. Back then, only a handful of couples considered both visual impact and the floral carbon footprint when selecting wedding flowers. Today, even the more well-travelled image-conscious couples take a moment to reflect on their contribution to global warming when planning their special day. The Best of British is right under our noses, which is fortunate as our 'Bee Friendly' British sustainable wedding flowers smell so amazing. There is no compromise here!

‘We let nature and the growers pick the very best the season has to offer’
Eco-conscious wedding flower dining

Building Sustainable Partnerships: Nurturing Relationships with Artisan Growers for Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers

Over the last six years, I have developed relationships with some of the UK’s artisan growers who never fail to deliver exquisite blooms full of character and are perfect for weddings from April until October which is my busy season.

Eco-conscious Cheshire grown wedding table flowers

Our favourite blooms come from Cheshire artisan growers who handpicks the flowers especially to my specification. Occasionally we use our dedicated flower farmers in Lincolnshire and Cornwall to extend the season and range. When starting this journey I created a checklist to ensure my chosen partners measured up to our philosophy. My new suppliers had to have a plan for:

  • Preserving our Planet:  Prioritising sustainability providing us with flowers grown instead of being flown in, thereby reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation

  • Caring for Nature: Demonstrating commitment to eco-friendly practices, including growing flowers in their natural season, practicing efficient water management, and actively supporting biodiversity by providing food and habitats for wildlife within their farming practices.

  • Working with the Season: Emphasising seasonal blooms, ensuring the best quality and natural beauty while embracing the unique characteristics of each flower, such as wonky stems, left as nature intended these flowers aren’t straight up and down they have lovely curves creating natural movement.

  • Reducing Waste: Avoiding excessive packaging, such as plastic wrapping and elastic bands, to minimise waste and environmental impact.

  • Growing Something Special; Partnering with courageous growers who are inspired to develop unique artisan blooms, delivering them directly to our studio.

If you're an artisan grower passionate about our planet, we want to hear from you. Our brides seek your flowers, handpicked by nature and growers alike to showcase the very best each season has to offer.

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