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Planting Memories: The Charm of Hydroponic Muscari Flowers for Your Wedding

Updated: Mar 16

muscari flowering bulb in hands

Seeking unique and meaningful touches for your wedding flowers that blend natural beauty with personal significance?

Look no further! Explore these delightful spring treasures: that has captured my heart this season. The introduction of the UK's first Hydroponic Muscari bulb from Evolve Flowers our wholesaler offers an innovative and enchanting option for conscious couples like you.

Grown in Lincolnshire by Simon, these delightful Grape Hyacinths thrive in water, creating an extraordinary and elegant display that symbolises growth, new beginnings and 'something blue’. As weddings increasingly embrace sustainability, integrating elements that not only  reflect the couple's unique style but has prompted many couples to consider the ecological impact of their wedding flower choices. 

Discover how hydroponic Muscari can infuse your wedding with a touch of green, crafting lasting memories well beyond your celebration.

a tray of hydroponic muscari bulbs


Experience the modern twist of hydroponics, an innovative method of growing plants in water without soil. Our Hydroponic Muscari, cultivated on trays, ensures precise control over growing conditions while reducing environmental impact. They are delivered on these trays, minimising packaging waste, and are returned for reuse, contributing to sustainable practices.


This groundbreaking technique allows you to incorporate living plants into your wedding flower decor in a clean, elegant manner. The vibrant blue hues and delicate green stalks of the Muscari offer a visual feast, perfect for adding a splash of colour to any wedding theme. As a wedding floral designer, I am committed to providing the latest in eco-friendly floral options to elevate your special day.

blue muscari bulb wedding flower table decor


For today's eco-conscious wedding couples, Hydroponic Muscari bulbs offer a perfect blend of beauty and sustainability:


Natural Beauty: Muscari adds a touch of natural beauty and freshness to wedding venues, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.


Versatility: Bulbs can be seamlessly incorporated into various aspects of wedding decor, including centrepieces, bouquets, and favours, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your celebration.


Longevity: Muscari serve as lasting memento of your special occasion, lasting long after your wedding day. Guests can take them home and watch them bloom year after year, preserving cherished memories for a lifetime.


Environmental Preservation: By opting for Muscari bulbs, you are contributing to a greener celebration. These bulbs help reduce carbon footprints as they are grown in the UK and  you are conserve water as they only need 1cm compared to a vase arrangement, making them an eco-conscious choice.


Sustainability: Muscari bulbs are natural, biodegradable, and contribute to a planet-friendly celebration. They produce oxygen, improve air quality, and can be replanted or composted after the wedding, promoting sustainability and responsible environmental practices.



Perhaps the most touching aspect of integrating Hydroponic Muscari into your wedding florals is the opportunity to plant memories. These living, breathing tokens of your special day can be taken home by guests, where they'll continue to grow, serving as a lasting reminder of the joy and love shared on your special day. As these plants thrive, they'll reinforce the bonds between you and your guests, keeping the memories of your wedding alive in the most beautiful and natural way.


Memories to treasure


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