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Jacqui O, NAFAS demonstrator and educator, Cheshire

 sensuous florals & breathtaking sustainable designs to inspire flower lovers 

Your Floral Experience Starts Here…


Captivating, enlightening, and engaging enthusiasts with the art of floral design. Watch and learn to craft with flowers, utilising one-of-a-kind, handcrafted containers, while gaining valuable insights, expert tips, and inspiring stories.


Sourced just for you some of the most beautiful gifts of nature, to ensure your flowers are perfect for the stage. Our specialist growers produce the very best blooms, with the sweetest fragrances and tantalizing textures you just can't help but touch! 


Making memories to capture those special moments for corporate events, fundraisers and private parties. You and your guests will be inspired and experience the joy of flowers.  

Titles include…

'Make Hay while the sun shines' -  As a child growing up on the family farm we often had an aphorism in our back pocket along with a piece of string. All the designs are inspired by our favourite family sayings.


You say paper I say papyrus' - inspired by my time at University using paper as a medium this demonstration includes paper folding and handmade paper clay vessels.

'Bee Friendly, Bee Kind, Bee Inspired' (Apr-Oct) 

They say 'to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.  Caring for our planet is all our blooming responsibility so the next generation can enjoy it too. Inspired by the bees, fabulous British handpicked seasonal blooms and sustainable floristry practice.

Little by Little, the Bird Makes Its Nest: A Floral Demonstration Inspired by Idioms

We explore the art of floral arrangement through the lens of idioms and figurative expressions. Each arrangement in this captivating showcase is entitled to an idiom, offering a creative and colourful interpretation of various situations. From "As the Crow Flies" to "Proud as a peacock," discover how these idiomatic expressions come to life through the beauty of live flowers. Prepare to be inspired as we weave tales of nature's wisdom into stunning floral compositions, reminding us that every bloom tells a story.

NEW  'Every Little Helps: Conscious Choices - All Our Blooming Responsibility' Join us for an enlightening journey into mindful flower arranging techniques as we delve into the profound impact of small choices, not only on our lives and carbon footprint but also on our planet. As part of Jacqui's mission, we're committed to sharing our passion for sustainable practices that are both kind to the planet and people. At the heart of it all, Jacqui believes it's her responsibility to be the keeper of beauty, recognising her dependence on the earth for her profession. Let's come together to explore how every bloom can be a conscious choice towards a greener future.

NEW Floral Memories Unearthed: A Journey through Clay and Blooms - As a little girl, amidst the gentle embrace of a lawn adorned with daisies, I learnt the art of daisy-making under the guidance of my encouraging mum. Creativity was not just fostered; it was a cherished value that allowed us to pursue our passions, drawing inspiration seamlessly from the beauty of nature. Those initial lessons in crafting daisies weren't mere childhood pastimes—they were the roots of a lifelong love affair with art and the limitless wonders of the natural world.

'Warp and Weft' is a celebration of weaving nature's beauty into living floral tapestries. Discover inspiration in the rich patterns and textures of both the natural world and the textile industry, all influenced by the legacy of Jacqui's clothing industry grandmother.

NEW 'A Christmas tale of two halves: All Things Bright and All Things Calm' this Christmas season, we embark on a journey celebrating the vibrant city life, filled with joyfulness and togetherness, as well as the serene calmness of country living. Our tale is divided into two halves, each reflecting a unique aspect of the festive spirit.

'A Natural Christmas: Found Treasures and Festive Friends'  As we explore the beauty of a natural handcrafted Christmas, where found cones, sticks, and other organic elements take center stage, we'll transport ourselves into a crisp winter night, we'll illuminate our creations with warm, twinkling lights, casting a soft glow that evokes the magic of the holiday season. Our friendly gonk and reindeer will stand watch, their presence adding a touch of whimsy and wonder to our winter wonderland.

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Create Floral Memories 

'Thanks a million for the fabulous dem you did for the club on Wednesday. It really was great. Everyone enjoyed it very much and felt enthused to pick up their scissors again! Your love of your flowers and nature was inspiring and your tales of life on the farm were lovely.'

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Knutsford Flower Club, Cheshire

'Jacqui is a delight!  I really enjoyed the evening, full of spring flowers which Jacqui displayed so well in ingenious containers and sharing some great tips.' 

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Jacqui O wedding and event floral designer


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If you would like Jacqui O  an RHS  gold medalist to create a unique fresh flower demonstration, get in touch to  check availblity and discuss your requirements.

RHS Gold Tatton Flower Show  2017

‘This is just a small note to say a huge thank you for demonstrating on our Create! Stage at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2023. The seats and surrounding spaces were packed with eager viewers, and I heard so many compliments from members of the public who enjoyed your demonstration and found it both inspiring and informative.'

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Beth Brown, Partnership and engagement coordinator

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