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These terms and conditions are the terms and conditions upon which Jacqui O ("we/us") makes available to you, the event commissioner, and any of our services. 

1. Jacqui O Products and Service 


1.1 All Jacqui O products are subject to availability. In the event of any supply difficulties,  we reserve the right to substitute a formerly agreed ingredient or component within a design of equivalent value and quality without notice. This includes specific flowers/ plants and sundries that may not be available. I would stress that flowers and plant material are natural products and colours may differ/ be unavailable to those agreed but we will always provide the next best thing.


1.2 In the event that Jacqui O are unable to supply product, service or any substitute product or service to you at all, we shall notify you as soon as is reasonably possible and shall reimburse your payment in full. See 8.1.


2. Prices and payment 


2.1 Prices listed within the Jacqui O product or service proposal will remain valid for 14 days from the date sent to you, the event commissioner, and should be secured with the £500 non- refundable booking and design fee. Upon receipt  Jacqui O  will then create your personalised style board as part of the floral design service. Prices will be secured for the event unless the ingredients or components for the intended final design of the product or service rise significantly + 10% in which case we shall notify the event commissioner as soon as reasonably possible and pass this cost on to said event commissioner.  

2.2 Full payment for the product or service must be received prior to the event or service and no less than 4 weeks before the event or we will not go ahead with the event. 


2.3 Jacqui O hire many items to event commissioners free of charge including, but not exhaustive, vases, mirror plates, containers, hanging t-lights, generic props including votives, log slices etc. These items are loaned on a goodwill basis and any items hired that are lost, damaged or broken must be paid for. As such, to recover these costs, we will add a security deposit of £100 to your final invoice and deduct any relevant amounts, refunding the difference up to 7 days after your event. Once this action has taken place the BACS details will be removed from our records.


2.4 We will move your ceremony arrangements between rooms at the same venue free of charge. However, due to the logistics and strict timescales of moving flowers from churches to the reception venue, we may charge a £100 fee for this. This is non-negotiable.


2.5 Jacqui O service proposal includes one hour complimentary wedding consultation and a further 30 minutes final consultation if requested.  Any further appointments are liable for an additional charge of £25 per hour. One onsite visit is free of charge if Jacqui O has not worked at a venue before.

3. Delivery


3.1 Jacqui O charges for travel at a cost of 45p per mile. For travel times over 60 minutes, a rate of £25.00 per hour will be charged.  


3.2 Incorrect personal details may lead to problems or delays in delivery, so before placing or confirming your order for a product or service, please ensure that you, the event commissioner, have provided full address and telephone details, including accurate postcode of the intended recipient and your contact telephone number or e-mail address so that we can notify you in the event that any delivery problems are encountered. This can be completed via the Booking Form. 


3.3 The event commissioners flowers will be delivered or set up at a time prior agreed between Jacqui Owen and you, the event commissioner. If for any reason we are not able to meet the delivery or set up time, the event commissioner will be notified as soon as feasibly possible. If any elements are being transported from one venue to another by anybody other than Jacqui O you do so at your own risk.


4. Event set up


4.1 Jacqui Owen of Jacqui O will personally create your flowers, and will deliver and set up. If Jacqui O is unable to obtain access we cannot guarantee the completion of the installation by the agreed times. We cannot accept liability for any damages/costs due to being unable to gain access to premises at the agreed times. If the event commissioners choose to set up it's their responsibility for all elements.


4.2 Jacqui O accept no responsibility for any damage caused by flames or lit candles at an event once we have left the wedding set up. Whilst Jacqui O provide candles and candle vessels, it is usually the caterer and/ or venue staff that light them and we will not therefore be held accountable for any damage caused by them. 


4.3 Jacqui O accept no responsibility for failure to collect, wear or use any arrangements for specific use by the bridal party, ie buttonholes or bouquets, once they have been left by our team at the relevant- and pre-agreed- venue.  Any oversight to correctly collect and, for example, pin on buttonholes on behalf of the wedding party as a whole, or by an individual, remains the responsibility of said wedding party and/ or individual. 


4.4 Jacqui O request that we are the sole provider of floral arrangements and/ or fresh flowers and foliage décor. If you wish to add your own arrangements, please notify us. Please note, other than church flower teams, we will not work or partner with any other provided of floral décor for your event. This is non-negotiable. 


5. Cancellation of the Jacqui O products or service


5.1 Cancellation of the Jacqui O products or service must be notified as soon as reasonably possible. Any booking fee  paid will be retained regardless of the circumstances of the cancellation. As per term 2.2, we must receive full payment 4 weeks before the event. If you cancel your event within this time, after we have received payment from you, we will be unable to offer a refund, and will retain the full amount. Please see below for following timescales and refund amounts: 


9 months or more before event date: Booking fee retained (for contract preparation, floral design service including style board and reworking order, and admin)  no further payment required.  

6-8 months before the event date: Booking fee retained, and an admin fee of £150 required 

3-5 months before the event date: Booking fee retained, and 50% of final amount payable 

Less than 3 months- up to event date: Booking fee retained, and full amount payable 

6. Complaints about the Jacqui O product or service 


6.1 In the event that the event commissioner is not satisfied with the Jacqui O product or service, any complaints should be addressed in the first instance, and within 2 hours of the delivery date to: 


Telephone     07540441112

Address     Jacqui Owen, 24 Brine Road, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 7BA

6.2 Because of the perishable nature of our products, the event commissioner will be advised upon delivery how to store/ care for your product and we ask that you fulfil this. Usually, the instruction will be to keep the product in a cool place, away from draft, heat or strong fumes and, if a bridal and/or bridesmaid bouquet, in its water gift box until 1 hour before usage. We advise the water is removed from container and then dry stems then return it to it back to its box.

7. Disclaimer- Ill health, Acts of God or adverse weather conditions 


7.1 Whilst we agree to use our reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Jacqui O Service is fully operational and error-free we cannot guarantee this. Acts of God, sudden ill health and adverse weather conditions may affect our ability to deliver the Jacqui O product or service. However, in cases of adverse weather we will remain in contact with the event commissioner in the lead up to the event and, if the event is out of season, we will discuss a contingency plan with the event commissioner. We have contingency plans for such occasions of sudden ill health. If Jacqui Owen of Jacqui O is unable to personally complete or deliver your event, then this will outsourced accordingly. Ultimately, we can accept no responsibility for Acts of God, sudden ill health or adverse weather conditions and if we are prevented from providing the Jacqui O service or product as agreed, then we can only offer a refund of full monies paid. 

8. General


8.1 We reserve the right to supplement and amend the Terms and Conditions of Jacqui O product or service from time to time. We will inform the event commissioner of any changes to the Jacqui O terms and conditions. If you do not sign and return a copy of the Terms and Conditions as listed herewith, by paying the booking fee and proceeding with the booking you are entering into a contract and therefore agree to these Terms and Conditions. 


8.2 Additionally, we reserve the right to suspend, restrict or terminate Jacqui O products or services for any reason at any time.


9. Social media and the use of images of you  


In order to comply with data protection, Jacqui O would like to share and store images of the event commissioner, whether taken by us or the photographer, on the day of your event and in the future via social media, blogs,  website and to show future event commissioners. Please tick the relevant boxes below to confirm your consent to;


          social media, including Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest


         website, including gallery, feature or blog


          to be used for advertising across social media and posters


          to be stored to show other engaged clients of Jacqui O


Photographs of bridal party and venue flowers will be retained for reference and marketing purposes.


10. Data Protection & Privacy Policy


We are required by law to follow the General Data Protection Regulation and to provide the event commissioner with certain information in relation to the lawful grounds for our ongoing processing of your personal data.


In order to fulfil our obligation, we have put together a privacy notice that clearly sets out how we collect and process your personal data, for what purposes we use your data, the legal grounds of processing such data, how we keep your data secure and your rights in relation to such data.


Please read our privacy notice at .


You may withdraw this consent at anytime by emailing us at




After a review of the above please sign and return this document as proof of agreement of the terms and conditions, at the time of paying your booking fee.  However if you do not sign the agreement but have paid the booking fee you have agreed to the terms above. 



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