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What's the difference between a Floral Designer and a Florist?

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Today I smiled to myself, as I juggled the partly-made designer gift bouquet in my studio whilst answering my phone. The voice on the other end of the phone asked: ‘Are you a real florist?’ followed by, ‘What is a floral designer anyway?’  In our flowery world we sometimes forget that although we know the difference in the wedding and event industry, perhaps couples don’t.


Understanding the Essence of a Florist

Traditionally, a florist is your go-to expert for an array of stunning cut flowers, plants, and a curated selection of gifts. Operating either from a charming high street shop or a convenient online platform, they provide blooms perfect for a range of occasions — from birthdays and anniversaries to heartfelt moments like Mother’s Day.

Florists excel in crafting arrangements meant to bloom beautifully in your home or light up the face of someone special. Their creations often follow specific designs, and they partner with delivery networks to ensure your floral gifts reach across distances. Whether it's a spontaneous walk-in order or a touching funeral tribute, and yes, they may offer weddings too., they cater to diverse needs with speed and care.

Ranunculus, carnation , tulip and rose  bridal bouquet



The Art of a Floral Designer: A Personal Touch

In contrast, a floral designer is akin to an artist, breathing life into unique, custom-made floral masterpieces tailored to your precise desires. Focused primarily on weddings, parties, and grand events, these creations are born in a studio or come alive directly at your venue.. A floral designer is an artist who creates custom-made, one-of-a-kind floral pieces to a client's instruction for weddings, parties or events.

A floral designer’s approach is highly personalised; they source luxurious, fresh blooms specifically for your event, ensuring each petal unfurls just in time to add magic to your special day. This dedication extends beyond mere aesthetics, encompassing everything from the candles and linens to elaborate floral installations, all while managing the logistical ballet of delivery, setup, and breakdown.

Ranunculus, carnation , tulip and rose  bridal bouquet and church flower installation


Your florals are the fragrant focal point of your wedding style; a source of scent which will evoke memories of your wedding for years to come; a symbolic accessory rich with personal significance, so you need to consider carefully whether a Floral designer or a Florist is best for you.


A florist may be right for you if all you need is a few small elements that can be picked up ahead of time, such as bouquets and buttonholes, as you will get the variety and it will keep the cost lower.


If you are wanting an expert to bring a theme or venue to life, a personalised experience and custom-made decor, then a Floral designer may be for you. What’s more, with a floral designer you hand over all the responsibility to them to manage. They not only embody the role of a creative artist but also serve as a dedicated project manager for all things floral. However, whichever you pick, you need to consider what’s right for you.

Ultimately, whether you opt for a florist or a Floral Designer hinges on the level of customisation and personalised service you desire for your wedding. While florists specialise in retail sales and offer convenience, Floral Designers excel in artistic creativity and personalised experiences, ensuring that your wedding florals become timeless mementos cherished for years to come.

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In choosing your floral path, reflect on the connection you feel with the expert. Does their work resonate with your personal style? Are they open to feedback and adjustments? It’s essential that their vision and values align with yours.

And if you're wondering about my own path, I am a passionate floral designer. My journey through the realms of both floristry and design has equipped me with a profound understanding and capability to bring the most enchanting floral visions to life for your wedding, party, or any celebrated event.


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