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Five ways to make wedding planning a breeze

Updated: May 23

White Rose table centrepiece at Iscoyd Park by Jacqui O
Photographer Shane Webber

Expert Advice for Navigating the Path from 'Yes' to 'I Do'

You’ve said ‘Yes!’ to the love of your life, you’ve shared the joyous news with your close friends and family, and you’ve got a date in the diary. The months leading up to your big day are thrilling, as you strive to achieve nothing short of perfection for this all-important event. It’s a big investment, and we all know that perfection is hard to achieve, so now’s the ideal time to put your trust in a wedding expert to help you manage your wedding budget, styling and design. Here we offer you 5 tips on how to make the time between saying ‘Yes’ and ‘I do’ as easy (and joyful!) as possible…

1. Dream together: Have a vision

Your love story deserves to be told your way - keep focused on what truly matters to you. With so many sources of inspiration out there, with people asking you questions left and right, your family and friends giving you advice freely, suppliers needing to be contacted, booked and paid, it’s easy to lose sight of your purpose, feel overwhelmed and the reason why you’re doing this in the first place. The main things should be sharing your big day with the people you love and creating memories to treasure forever. Having a style board, establish a clear budget and a framework when the pressure mounts will help ward off stress and keep you focussed on what you want to achieve.

Crafting Your Wedding Flower Framework:

  • Setting the Atmosphere: Envision the mood you want to create. How do you want to feel? Think of a few words that you’d use to describe the atmosphere or /vibe you dream of for your special day. Is it extravagant and enchanting, intimate and magical, or vibrant and fun?

  • Defining Your Styling: Define the visual aesthetic for your flowers and accessories. Do you prefer luxurious and overflowing, romantic and dreamy, or minimal contemporary and elegant?

  • Delving into Design: Consider the elements you desire in your floral arrangements. Do you lean towards petite and understated or big and bold? Are you drawn to subtle colours, contrasts or vibrant clashes? Do you prefer soft and delicate textures or bold statements? Do you want movement and rhythm in your florals as you glide down the aisle? Do you want scented florals to evoke memories for years to come?

  • Exploring Your Colour Palette: Explore your colour preferences. Do you gravitate towards classic neutrals, delicate pastels, or vibrant contrasts? Trust your instincts or seek guidance from an expert to curate a cohesive palette.

  • Planning your Day: Decide your level of involvement in the planning process. Do you want to oversee every detail, or do you prefer to entrust your vision to a professional?

  • Celebrating with Loved Ones:  Determine the size and vibe of your celebration. Are you planning an intimate gathering or a grand affair with all your family and friends gathered together?

  • Choosing the Perfect Location: Consider how your florals will complement your chosen venue, whether it's modern, historical, or rustic. Is it indoors or outdoors? Does it have high or low ceilings? What colours are in the room/garden? Does it lend itself to a ceremony feature? etc…and don’t worry about what’s ‘normal’ for the space or what other couples do, go with your instincts and/or consult your floral expert, and you’ll create something you love that's unique.

  • Embracing Memories: Capture memories in your flowers, what special memories do you associate with flowers? Do you have fond memories of your late grandad growing Dahlias or the yellow roses your partner bought on your birthday?

  • Sustainable Choices: How important are environmentally friendly flowers and sustainability to you? Consider the environmental impact of your floral choices with environmentally conscious decisions..

  • Managing Your Investment: Assess your priorities for floral expenditure. Determine which aspects, such as personal bouquets, ceremony decor or your guests experience which hold the most significance to you. Is budget or style more important? Choose a floral designer who aligns with your vision and values, prioritising trust over cost.

  • Make it Personal: Incorporate your personality into your floral arrangements as YOU, are the secret ingredient to the day of your dreams,  so be confident,  authentic and weave your personality into your florals. Draw inspiration from your favourite colours, outfits, or hobbies to create a unique and authentic ambiance for your special day.

' ensured I could put all my trust and faith into that my vision will become a reality'

Becki & Saracen 

Iscoyd Park, Shropshire

White Rose & eucalyptus bouquet at St Mary's Church, Whitewell by Jacqui O
Photographer Shane Webber

2. Spend time doing your research.

Spend time delving into wedding inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram to define your style, theme, and colour palette. Once you've settled on these, select a venue that aligns with your vision. Compile a comprehensive list of necessary suppliers, in order of priority elements like photography, catering, florals, cakes, music, hair and makeup, celebrants, and wedding planners. Seek recommendations from booked suppliers, but conduct your own research as well. Your personal vision is key, especially when it comes to elements like floral arrangements, which are so much more than bunches of flowers. They are the fragrant, focal point of your wedding style – a source of enchanting colour and scent which will evoke memories of your wedding for years to come. Whatever your flowers mean to you, they are sure to be a key feature of your wedding day.Getting them right will set the mood for the rest of the day and ensure that your guests will find the day as romantic as you will.

3. Enjoy the Wedding journey, not just the destination

Flower gril at St Mary's Church, Whitewell
Photographer Shane Webber

Wedding planning is more than checklists; it's an experience. Take time to enjoy the process if you are going wedding dress shopping, or wine tasting, or discussing your wedding florals with a designer are all wonderful excuses to celebrate and have a fun day out. Why not treat yourself or your bridesmaids to an indulgent manicure, enjoy a scrumptious lunch at your chosen venue, or have a celebratory cocktail when you find your dream dress? It’s not every day that you do these things, and it’s all part of the exciting build up, so take time to enjoy every step along the way.

White Rose  and eucalyptus table centrepiece at Iscoyd Park by Jacqui O
Photographer Shane Webber

4. Foster Meaningful Connections with Your Suppliers: Crafting Your Dream Team.

They need to be on the same page as you when it comes to style, personality, and unique vision is crucial, with clear communication being essential. Set expectations early and maintain regular updates to prevent any surprises. It's your day—never hesitate to express your desires. Create and share a detailed schedule of the day's events, including key moments and arrival times for professionals like your floral designer and photographer, ensuring everyone involved, from suppliers to the wedding party, is informed. Mutual respect is the foundation of a dream team for your dream day. Respecting and supporting your suppliers throughout the planning process will strengthen your relationship, providing invaluable support on your big day.

' in the experts they are there to help and guide you along your incredibly exciting journey.'

Becki & Saracen 

5. Be Prepared for the Unexpected on Your Big Day

While you've meticulously planned every detail, it's crucial to acknowledge that sometimes things may not go as expected. Even in the most meticulously planned gardens, a wildflower may bloom. Prepare a list of trusted individuals whom you can delegate tasks to when last-minute changes or hiccups occur, ensuring that you can remain calm and fully enjoy your special day. For example, during one of our weddings, unexpected rain disrupted planned photo shots. However, our team, working alongside the photographer and venue, kept the ceremony flowers in place a little longer so our couple could capture beautiful images. Additionally, we seamlessly transitioned flower installations to the reception. Buying wedding insurance is essential for peace of mind in today's unpredictable world. Being prepared guarantees a smooth and stress-free wedding experience.

Rose and baby's breath wedding, Dorfold Hall by Jacqui O
Photographer Bramshaw Photography

'Our wedding day was graced (in great luck!) with torrential downpour meaning the planned photo shots weren’t possible. Jacqui and her team worked alongside our photographer to swiftly set up photo shots for us before moving the many flower installations into the reception room in pure, seamless flower-fairy style as to not interrupt the food service.' 

Chloe & Brandon

 Dorfold Hall

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