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Floral Focals: The Top 10 Focal Flowers at the Heart of Your Bridal Bouquet

Updated: 5 days ago

Bright rose bouquet

At the heart of every stunning bouquet and floral arrangement lies a focal flower, the captivating bloom that steals the spotlight. Whether it's a mesmerising rose, a lush peony, or a striking protea, this focal flower commands attention and admiration from all who behold it.

Accompanied by transitional or filler blooms—such as the delicate gypsophila, charming spray roses, or fragrant wax flower—the focal flower is elevated to new heights. Additionally, line or spike flowers, such as elegant delphiniums, vibrant snapdragons, or graceful astilbe, add depth and dimension to the bouquet.

Bright rose bouquet
Photographer Luke Hassall

These three essential elements come together harmoniously to create the perfect bouquet. When crafting your bouquet, a skilled floral designer will often begin with your favourite focal flower in mind. In this guide, we'll explore the top 10 heartfelt blooms that are sure to elevate your bouquet to new heights of beauty and elegance.


Tulip bridal bouquet

Originating from the vibrant landscapes of Iran, the ever-joyful tulip carries with it a fascinating history intertwined with tales of fortune and prosperity. Back in the sixteenth century, these blossoms held immense value, symbolizing wealth and abundance. Presenting a tulip was akin to bestowing upon the recipient a precious treasure.

Today, while the monetary significance may have evolved, the emotional depth of gifting tulips remains just as profound. With a kaleidoscope of colors and varieties to choose from, each tulip offers a unique opportunity to express love, joy, and affection.

Traditional Dutch tulips, reminiscent of elegant garden blooms, boast gracefully arranged single or double rows of petals, exuding timeless charm. For those seeking an extra touch of allure, fringed and parrot tulips emerge as captivating options, their serrated petals adding a whimsical flair to any floral arrangement.

So whether you're drawn to the classic elegance of Dutch tulips for your March - May wedding or tempted by the enchanting allure of their more exotic counterparts, the ever-cheerful tulip promises to infuse every moment with romance and delight.


Spring Ranunculus and poppy bouquet
Photographer Perfect Moments Studio

In the whimsical world of spring blooms, the enchanting ranunculus emerges as a captivating alternative to the classic rose. With its exquisite ruffled petals, reminiscent of delicate crepe paper, it lends a soft, textural allure to any bouquet, infusing it with an undeniable sense of romance.

Watch as its petals unfurl one by one, unveiling a dark-coloured heart that speaks of hidden depths and timeless allure. In the past, presenting a bunch of ranunculus was a subtle declaration of admiration, a testament to the receiver's undeniable charm. It's the perfect choice for those who have found their own Prince Charming, adding a touch of fairy tale magic to their love story.


Pink and sage green rose bouquet
Photographer Catherine Bradbury

An emblem of timeless romance and available all year round, the rose stands as a testament to love's enduring beauty. Its graceful petals whisper tales of passion and enchantment, making it the quintessential choice for weddings steeped in elegance and charm. With a rose to suit every hue and bouquet style, it weaves a delicate thread of enchantment into every celebration it graces.

In the realm of roses, two varieties reign supreme: the classic hybrid tea roses, with their immaculate form and ubiquitous presence in floral boutiques, and the exquisite garden roses. These heirloom blooms, reminiscent of bygone eras, overflow with layers of petals, exuding a fragrance that transports one to the romantic pages of Jane Austen's novels.

Year after year, rose breeders unveil a symphony of new varieties, each more captivating than the last. At Jacqui O., we find ourselves endlessly drawn to their allure, entranced by their timeless beauty that continues to inspire and captivate lovers' hearts.


Sustainable British colourful bridal bouquet
Photographer Lee Allen

In the language of flowers, the hydrangea whispers tales of gratitude, grace, and timeless beauty, its delicate blooms clustered together to create a vision of opulent splendour.

Adorned with an abundance of dainty flowers from May to October, the hydrangea effortlessly lends itself to floral arrangements, its lush blooms infusing every creation with an air of romance and elegance. Yet, when nestled into a bridal bouquet, this exquisite flower adds an extra touch of magic, a whispered promise of enchantment and grace. And when allowed to stand alone, the hydrangea makes a bold and captivating statement, a testament to the enduring beauty of love in full bloom.


Sunflower wedding bouquet
Photographer HBA Photography

In the captivating world of Greek mythology, we uncover the heartwarming tale of Clytia, a sea-nymph whose deep admiration for the sun god Apollo was as radiant as the sun itself. Entranced by his brilliance, Clytia's unwavering devotion embodied the purest forms of adoration and loyalty. Transformed into a sunflower by the benevolent touch of the gods, she became a symbol of enduring love and eternal optimism.

Radiant and vibrant, sunflowers emerge as the embodiment of this timeless tale, reflecting the golden glow of summer and the abundant warmth of the season. Perfect for weddings held in July or August, their cheerful blooms illuminate the celebration with joy and positivity. As autumn arrives, sunflowers transition gracefully, offering darker hues that infuse weddings with a cozy, romantic ambiance.

Whether showcased alone or nestled among a lush array of blooms, sunflowers radiate an irresistible charm, symbolising the unwavering bond of love and the promise of brighter days ahead.


Contemporary orchid wired bouquet
Photographer Emmy-Lou

Behold the spectacular orchid, boasting an astonishing array of over 25,000 varieties, each more enchanting than the last. Among our cherished favourites are the delicate Phalaenopsis, resembling graceful butterflies in flight, the contemporary elegance of the Vanda, and the striking allure of the bold Cymbidium, each lending a touch of opulence to any arrangement, be it a cascading shower or a hand-tied bouquet.

As you glide down the aisle to say ‘I do’, these majestic blooms serve as a breathtaking accessory, a radiant reflection of the pure friendship and enduring love that binds you together. In Brazil, where romance dances on the breeze, the gift of an orchid prompts a kiss for each delicate blossom—a tradition as sweet and enchanting as the flowers themselves.


Dahlia bridal bouquet

As late summer transitions into early autumn, embrace the allure of a striking bloom that exudes sophistication and timeless elegance, casting an enchanting spell over your wedding day. For the incurable romantic, the symbolism of "forever yours" woven into its delicate petals is simply irresistible.

Behold the magnificent flower, with its myriad shades and shapes, offering a kaleidoscope of choices to suit every wedding style. Whether you're drawn to the bold and vibrant hues or the soft, muted tones, there's a perfect pick awaiting you. Once considered old-fashioned, this resplendent flower is experiencing a revival in popularity, reclaiming its rightful place as a symbol of enduring love and enchantment.


Winter wedding bouquet at Iscoyd Park
Photographer Damian Brandon

Amidst the enchanting landscapes of South Africa blooms the protea, the nation's exquisite floral emblem, radiating an unparalleled beauty that captivates hearts and souls. Its striking presence makes a bold and distinctive statement, infusing your winter bouquet with an air of drama and allure, whether you're seeking a bohemian, tropical, or ethereal vibe for your special day.

At the heart of this magnificent flower lies a captivating secret—a cluster of spiky petals, each boasting a soft, velvety texture that beckons to be touched and admired. As a resilient and fibrous bloom, the protea promises not only to grace your wedding day with its unparalleled beauty but also to endure as a cherished keepsake, drying beautifully and preserving the memories of your love for years to come.


Calla Lily bouquet
Photographer Helen Williams

In the language of flowers, the calla lily emerges as a timeless emblem of purity, sympathy, and exquisite beauty. Revered for its graceful allure, this elegant bloom is believed to carry luck, its delicate form reminiscent of the revered goblets used in ancient Roman celebrations.

Known also by its botanical name, Zantedeschia, the calla lily graces contemporary classic bouquets with its majestic trumpet shape, exuding a sense of splendour and refinement. Whether adorning a bridal bouquet or serving as an elegant buttonhole, these blooms elevate every arrangement with their inherent grace and charm, leaving an indelible impression of timeless romance.


Chrysanthemum and Rose bouquet

A versatile bloom adored for its ability to add volume and texture, boasts an impressively long lifespan, making it a popular choice for gift bouquets. However, the floral landscape has expanded to include exquisite Disbudded (large single-headed) and Santini (tiny sprays) chrysanthemums, offering even more stunning options.These blossoms symbolise health and happiness, making them a fitting addition to any wedding bouquet.

Peony and Rose bridal bouquet

Whether you're envisioning the bold presence of a sunflower, the timeless elegance of a rose, or a romantic peony the experts at Jacqui O are here to guide you. Together, we'll explore your favourite flowers and pinpoint the perfect focal bloom to create a bespoke wedding bouquet that reflects your unique style and love story.

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