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Embracing Femininity: A Dreamy Bridal Boudoir Featuring Bouvardia as the Leading Lady

lady in milk bath with bouvardia, rose peonies flowers

Dive into a world where femininity is celebrated through an intimate and empowering bridal boudoir photoshoot, set against the luxurious backdrop of the historic Dorfold Hall. This Jacobean masterpiece, originally built to welcome James I in the 17th century, offers the perfect setting for a photoshoot that intertwines the delicate beauty of floral design with the romantic inspiration drawn from John Everett Millais’s portrayal of Ophelia. Experience a narrative of grandeur, lushness, and opulence as we capture the essence of femininity.

The Enchantment of Bouvardia: A Floral Jewel Unveiled

Amidst this setting, the exquisite 'Bouvardia' flower, becomes a focal point. This hidden gem in the flower world, named after Charles Bouvard—the personal physician to Louis XIII and head of the Jardin du Roi in Paris—symbolises 'enthusiasm.' Bouvardia's origami-like beauty has been celebrated in royal courts since the 17th century, embodying the sophistication and depth of historical romance. Our trusted grower, Vrekeen Bouvardia in Holland, has dedicated over 30 years to perfecting the cultivation of this stunning all year round flower, combining traditional techniques with modern sustainability practices. With an MPS-A rating, Vrekeen demonstrates their commitment to environmental responsibility through water recycling, biological pest management, and solar energy utilisation, ensuring every Bouvardia stem is nurtured with care and respect for the planet.

 bouvardia, rose and peonies flower train on role top bath

A Tapestry of Florals: Creating the Dreamy Backdrop

The floating green veil of Asparagus fern, creating a delicate backdrop that highlights the Bouvardia's unique star-shaped clusters. The floral arrangement, featuring the ‘Royal Sweet Roza’ and ‘Diamond Sparkles’ Bouvardia varieties alongside wedding favourites like ruffled peonies, romantic roses, and sweetly scented astilbe, echoes the quintessential English romance. This lush and dreamy floral styling, set within the majestic countryside of Cheshire, encapsulates the timeless elegance and the intimate connection with nature's beauty.

The Bridal Boudoir: A Journey of Empowerment and Beauty

Join us on this enchanting journey, where the fusion of history, art, and floral elegance crafts a boudoir experience that celebrates the essence of femininity. This dreamy bridal boudoir photoshoot not only captures a moment in time but also weaves a narrative of empowerment, beauty, and the intimate celebration of the bridal spirit.

Organiser: EmmyLou

Styling: Emmylou & Jacqui O

Hair stylist: Vicky M Hair

 Make Up: Sarah Dunn 

Flowers & Growers:

Featured on: Your Cheshire & Merseyside Wedding

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