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Artisan blooms have an abundance of scent,  textures and the natural rhythms of the seasons. They are perfect for eco-conscious mums, who choose artisan flowers which are grown not flown.  These beautiful blooms have already provided food and habitat to a huge variety of butterflies, bugs, and bees in rural Cheshire.


Our creative designer will choose a selection of flowers from our artisan grower. Leave the style, colours and flowers to us. The bouquet is expertly hand tied and presented in our presentation box


Available April - October

'Bee Friendly' Seasonal Cheshire Gift bouquet

  • Hand-tied flowers in water

    • Arrangements can be kept in this packaging for up to 3 days.
    • Carefully top up daily – pour water slowly through the centre.
    • After 3 days remove cellophane and follow instructions for cut flower bouquet.


    Cut flower bouquet

    • Carefully remove all packaging.
    • Keep the string tied around stems if you want to keep the shape, remove it if you want to arrange the flowers yourself.
    • Clean your vase thoroughly using hot water and washing up liquid, or rinse with water and a tablespoon of bleach. This will neutralise any bacteria on the inside of the vase and it will help your flowers live longer.
    • Holding the bouquet up to the vase to get the right length then use a sharp, clean knife or scissors, cut 3cm off each stem at a 45-degree angle.
    • Place the bouquet in your vase, check that it sits in proportion to the vase, then top up with freshly drawn water until the vase is three-quarters full.
    • Be careful to remove any fronds and leaves which lie below the water level; these will decompose and contaminate the water and could damage your flowers.
    • Place the bouquet in a cool position, away from heating or cooling vents, appliances, direct sunlight or draughts. 
    • Keep away from ripening fruit.
    • Add fresh water daily.



  • This will vary depending on the environmental conditions of where your wonderful design is kept. However if you follow the care instructions above it will give your creation longevity.

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