As a wedding floral designer, I meet couples everyday who come to me for advice on their wedding flowers – what to have, what’s in season, how to achieve their look and, what it will all cost…?

The cost question is difficult as there are so many possibilities. Every couple has a unique vision, some want to wow their guest with stunning floral creations whilst others want to create floral memories everytime the scent  of a freesia or rose  is near, it transports them to a wedding memory they will treasure for a lifetime.

However we understand how do you plan and budget your wedding flowers when you have no idea about flowers  and you probably have never been married before!


What should we spend 

on our wedding flowers in Cheshire?

Recently a bride remarked 'I could go to a supermarket and buy flowers for a lot less' I agreed she could but I asked would it achieve the look she wanted on her special day. There was a pause, the answer was 'no'.  There is a misconception that put the word 'wedding' in front of flowers and you will be charged a fortune.  I  went onto explained if you bought a pack of roses would they open up into beautiful large ruffled heads? No, well that's because I am selective in the ingredients that go into your floral creations and I have spent many years training to be able to make your bouquet perfect. 


You also need to remember, most couples choose to marry on a Saturday, of which there are only 52 in the year, and it takes approximately 7 days of work to complete your wedding flowers from the initial enquiry to the the finished creations. Floristry is an art there is time spent creating your designs stem by stem, sourcing ingredients and planning the perfect florals for your wedding. Add the day itself into the equation and your florist will be setting up and styling along with collecting, clearing and cleaning the day after – you’re paying for all of this and the admin it's definitely isn't a 9-5 job....and I love it!

As a general rule, the flower spend is usually around 10% of the final figure of your wedding. Some couples will spend less, some will spend more if florals are important to them. Most of our clients spend more as they value the importance of the floral aesthetics. There's nothing quite like walking into a ceromony or reception where the flowers have transformed the space and you have made it your own. It truly is a  feast on the senses with fragrant flowers and foliage to visually stuuning arrangements which you can't help but touch!


At Jacqui O we believe you get what you pay for and encourage couples to be open and honest about their budget, every florist knows you have a figure in mind. It really helps if you share this, to ensure we keep to this although it's not always possible if your vision is fighting the budget.

I personally recommend having a 'must have' list e.g. brides bouquet and buttonholes and 'a nice to have' e.g. welcome flower arrangements. Also if a florist comes back and their quote is too high, give them a chance to rework it for you when you’ve decided what you want to remove or ask them for ideas  particularly if they have worked your venue before…they are an expert in the field after all. If the quote is very low, it doesn’t always mean it’s the best value!

Your thinking thats great advice but you how much should I spend!  We have two great resources that we hope you find super duper useful;




‘The Scrumptious 3’ are three inspirational floral collections to show you what is possible with your budget and we are more than happy to deliver one of these for your special day.



Our flower menu is aimed at those who wish to have personalised 'Bespoke' florals. The list is not exhaustive and is a good place to start when planning your flower budget. It includes a selection of what our clients typically purchase and spent on their flowers. So you can do a quick caculation to get you started.

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Check out the Jacqui O Flower Menu where you can Pick N Mix your flower choices 



Our seasonal gallery helps you to get a feel for styles that are possible per season


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