What's new in wedding floral palettes?


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Fresh new inspirational floral palettes for weddings in 2022/23 filled with 'joie de vivre', whilst most people look to the future and look to personalise their style, others are focused on traditions as we see nostalgic palettes return. There's a floral palette for everyone. These three are gaining popularity amongst our clients: Which will you choose?

Lemon and rose wedding table flowers


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Spontaneous, playful, bold splashes of colour are the key ingredient to this trend, which is about daring to be different. As we have spent more time at home in our garden, we have watched the seasons change and it's given us time to reflect on what's important to us. It’s also given us time to reconnect with nature and has helped rekindle a love for gardening and home grown produce.  


Mother nature provides some beautiful, vibrant and colourful organic forms and there's no better choice than using eco-friendly, locally- sourced, garden- grown blooms.  Artisan flowers offer natural movement with their relaxed, imperfect stems and shapes.  Our clients who choose this have a zest for life, are fun loving and are after a relaxed, informal, garden style that appears almost self-made. 


The floral palette we are starting to see emerge varies greatly where there is a passion for colour; it usually includes a flash of fuchsia or orange for the spring and summer.  However, we are loving the individuality that clients are choosing as it gives floral designers like myself lots of flower possibilities and scope to design something truly unique for the client. 

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Lemon Marble Arch tablecentrepiece


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This palette takes a classic British wedding and imports the characteristics of your favourite destinations from around the world into your event space. Infusing and experiencing the colours, textures and aromas of your preferred romantic coastlines, it's stylish and romantic. 


The assorted blues, paired with lemon and crisp white, transpor you and your guests to a coastline sipping limoncino by the clear blue Mediterranean and dining with family amongst the greens of the olive groves. Flowers vary from garden roses to fragrant herbs and are accompanied by lemons, oranges or citrus trees. Perhaps you could team them up with peppers for a pop of red, or, if you want a muted tone, how about figs and artichokes?


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Still our couples’ most popular choice this year, its subtle timelessness is reminiscent of the dreamlike, frothy textural florals you would see in a Jane Austen film. The florals are light, airy and delicate with trailing clematis, textural astrantia, pretty agapanthus and, of course, the much loved David Austin garden rose. It's perfect for those wanting to transport their guests to a calm and restorative space; a country estate with Mr Darcy. 

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