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Blooms on a Budget: Creative Supermarket Flowers Class:


Date: 6 March 2024


- Masterclass: 10 am

- Lunch: 1 pm


Workshop Content: Discover the art of transforming affordable supermarket flowers into stunning floral arrangements. This class celebrates creativity on a budget, demonstrating that beauty can bloom without breaking the bank. Bring your favourite vase along with three bunches of supermarket flowers, and we'll guide you through three imaginative choices for creating striking displays. This class is specifically designed for beginners.


Lunch: Claudia and Jon will extend a warm welcome to you at the Old Piggery Café. You will receive a complimentary voucher worth £15 to spend on the à la carte lunch menu. Join your fellow workshop attendees for a delightful meal, fostering camaraderie in a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


Three Reasons to Join:


Cost-Effective Creativity: Supermarket flowers are affordable, and learning to create beautiful arrangements with them allows you to express your creativity without breaking the bank. It's a budget-friendly way to enjoy the art of floral design.


Personalised Home Decor: Mastering the art of Blooms on a Budget allows you to regularly refresh your home decor with personalised floral arrangements. You can adapt your skills to suit different seasons.


Beginner-Friendly Experience: This class is specifically aimed at beginners, ensuring a welcoming and accessible environment for those new to the world of floral arranging.


Join us for an enriching and enjoyable introduction to the art of flower arranging.

Blooms on a Budget: Creative Supermarket Flowers Class for beginners

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