9 ways to celebrate




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 If your wedding can't go ahead you are probably disappointed and feeling very sad and we totally understand. You have probably been looking forward to this very special day for sometime. With months of planning, lots of money and time spent we sympathise. 

 Hopefully you will now have your Plan B in place, or well on your way to your wedding being re-scheduled; we truly hope so!

We have put together some suggestions for you to mark your original wedding day to create some special memories in these usual times.

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Dine in style treat yourself to a three course meal or afternoon tea there are lots of amazing restaurants who are offering a delivery service. Set your table with beautiful flowers from the season you were due to get married in add some candlelight and a celebration cake - make it truly magical.

Wedding feast for two

Reminisce and raise a glass

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Take a trip down memory lane, chat about  how you met and your dreams once you finally get married. Pop open a bottle of bubbly and raise a glass to each other, tell each other all the things you love about one another and whisper sweet nothings to each other all day long. 

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Compile a playlist of all the songs you were going to have at your wedding reception. Get out your dancing shoes on and dance the night away under the stars at home until the small hours. You could always practice your first dance for when the big day finally arrives.



Ask your Photographer

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Commemorate your nearly married day with a beautiful photo together! Ask your photographer to snap you on your doorstep. You could always be extravagant and decorate your entrance with a floral arch. Don't forget to take some selfies too!

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Just because you’re not saying your actual vows today, doesn’t mean you can’t pen some romantic words for each other and pop them on your pillows to end the day in sheer bliss. It will almost feel like exchanging vows!

Write love letters

Cocktail hour

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Mix up the ingredients you have at home and make a delicious, celebratory cocktail or create a signature drink for your new wedding date, it can be fun to try to make your very own wedding day cocktail.

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Have a virtual get together as much as a wedding is about getting married, it's also about celebrating with the people you love most. Get them to share their favourite story of you and raise a glass of bubbly to your friends and family. P.S don't forget to toast absent friends.

Celebrate with those you love

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Postponing a wedding can be stressful, so take a little time out and turn your home into a spa. Get a lovely bunch of eucalyptus in a vase its aroma is  believed to naturally improves physical and emotional wellbeing. Light some candles, get some essential oils and give the man or women of your dreams a sensuous massage! 


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 It’s OK to be a little sad, so do what you both want to do to mark the day! Make it special so in years to come you can share what happened on your original wedding day. It will be a great story to tell the grandchildren!


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