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Your wedding day will be filled with a joyous atmosphere and ‘wow’ moments. This is going to be the best day of your lives however I remember only to well  every time I visited a new supplier I said ‘I’ve never planned a wedding before…’ because I honestly had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. So to help you with your flower journey we have complied our top 11 asked questions  and if you can’t find the answer just ask us!


Where will my design consultation take place?

Your wedding flower journey begins with a complimentary  consultation which is currently be held online. In 2022 my studio consultations will resume.

What will we talk about?

The purpose of this meeting is to get to know you as a couple, what your passions are and your vision for the day, so we can translate these into your beautiful fresh florals. In the design consultation, we will discuss your wish list, design and budget to achieve this vision. 

How will the date of my wedding effect my price of my flowers?

Flowers bloom naturally at different times of the year; certain cut flowers will be readily available in certain months.  And will be the best quality in their natural growing season.  So Peonies are best in May. You should also consider calendar events such as Valentines' Day, bank holidays such as Easter and Christmas across the world as generally prices rise due to the demand of the flowers there are usually too many buyers and too few flowers. Weather conditions can also cause shortfalls in certain flowers so it's always good to be flexible with varieties. 

I know nothing about flowers where do I start? How will I pick my flowers when I don't know their names?

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers most couples will have an idea of colours, but perhaps not the flower names. It's ok to not know flowers by their names, that's why having a floral expert on you team makes life a little easier. You can collect inspirational images of flowers, bouquets, table centrepieces you love and I design your floral combination perfect for your wedding. You can also look at our super useful pictorial guide.

What happens if the flower I want a flower not in season?

It can happen but the world is full of stunning blooms  and scrumptious alternatives and often we can get them from around the world although it comes at a price.

How do I dress the venue to reflect my wedding theme and make it mine for the day?

Identify your style, are you free and spontaneous or are you neat and orderly? Thinking outside the vase and personalise your wedding flowers to your passions and loves in life. Select your wedding flowers for a reason, Do you have memories of your fiancé bringing you roses? Does your grandmother grow hydrangea in her garden? Do you have a hobby you want to incorporate? However your florals should still work with the surroundings of your chosen venue, not against them.  If it’s a modern venue, go contemporary with the flowers. If it’s a rustic barn, go organic and wild with the florals.

How can I reuse my ceremony flowers in my reception?

Here at Jacqui O we believe the ceremony flowers should be repurposed firstly so you and your guests get to enjoy the beauty of your wedding flowers  for longer whilst reducing the environmental impact on our world. Some of our couples chose to place the ceremony arch behind the reception top table to frame them whilst others use it as a photobooth for their guest to enjoy. There are so many possibilities but asking your floral designer is a great way to see what is possible with your scheme.

Where did you train? What awards have  you won? Have you been featured in any blogs/ magazines?

I believe it's important to be an expert in my field as my clients need to trust my skills as a floral designer who will deliver the most sensational flowers for your wedding. I have a degree in design and qualified at Reseatheath college for my Floristry skill.  Since then I have won 'Best Florist 2020'  voted by my wonderful couples and a RHS gold medal as part of NAFAS team. I have featured in blogs from Rock My wedding to Brides up North and none of this would have been achievable without my family, couples and suppliers who I am eternally grateful too.


Are you seen as an expert in your industry?

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others, I have and do train professional florists and provide educational talks on how to buy quality flowers. I am an ambassador for Evolve, where I showcase and inspire others in the profession to use British flowers and have written articles on using more niche florals to supporter growers.


When will I know my flower have arrived and will I be able to see them in advance?

 The flowers arrive early around 3 days before and are nurtured to ensure they are opened to perfection and looking truly spectacular for your wedding or event, so they may not always last as long as those from a  flower shop. Do you want a sneaky peek of your wedding flowers? Yes I hear you shout of course you do I will send you a little video the day before to show you your hand picked flowers sourced just for you! 

When do you dress the venue?

Here at Jacqui O we work with your venue and agree a time if the ceremony and reception are being held at the same location. We complete the ceremony, then the reception and whilst delivering your bridal party flowers we will ask if you want to see any pics of the venue dressed so we can make any adjustments you request. We aim to complete everything two hours in advance. If you are having a service at Church we do things a little different. We will set the venue up, deliver your bridal flowers then install the flowers at the church so after your service we can transfer your flowers to your reception.


What happens to the flowers at the end of the day?

There's nothing more beautiful than a breathtaking display of wedding flowers. But the question is what to do with your wedding flowers once it's all over. You have three choices;


Enjoy them, take them home and surrounded yourself with natures beauty....and some of my clients they say they are still going strong after the honeymoon, whist others dry them to treasure!


Share the love send your guest home with a token from the day from an arm full of flowers to a table centrepiece (for ease these are put in a secondary dish but hidden on the special day).


Donate if you wish me to give the flowers to the local community. I can arrange to take them to a Elm House or Brookfields care homes located in Nantwich and the residents and staff are always thrilled to receive them or ask a friend or family member to distribute them to your favourite charity just check with the charity first!

What happens next, after the consultation?

I will create a personalised proposal specifically designed only for you. Every couple is unique, so is your wedding! 


How long from consultation will it be before I receive my quote?

Your quote will be sent to you usually within 7 days of the initial consultation and once you confirm and pay the booking fee you become part of the Jacqui O family.

Read more about our philosophy here

What questions should I ask my wedding floral designer at my consultation?

When is the best time to start planning my florals?

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It’s never too early to get organised, Flowers are a significantly important feature of your wedding day. They set the mood and tone for the event and will be remembered for years to come.  There is nothing worse than missing out on the person you really want to create your flowers and I would  approach your floral designer at least six months before your date and up to a year if at all possible. 

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Here at Jacqui O we tailor our packages rather than offer something off the shelf as our clients prefer to have their own ‘Bespoke’ florals as every one of our weddings is tailored to the couples’ individual personality and style. Some couples choose an intimate wedding and request small amounts of flowers, whilst others are flower loving couples and wish to have florals everywhere. Every single request is equally important to us so you have memories to treasure forever.

Do you have wedding packages?


Whats the difference between your ‘Signature’ and ‘Illustrious’ collection?

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Our  ‘Signature’ quote meets your brief as all the elements which were discussed at your consultation are included. We have designed and priced to embellish 3 show-stopping elements from your quote to take your experience and lasting memories to the next level.  A truly 'Illustrious’ package of fragrance, colour and impact for you to consider.


 How much will my flowers cost? 

As a general rule, you should plan to spend about 20% of your overall wedding budget on flowers. That being said, some couples will spend less, some will spend more, each client has different wishes. It all depends on how important flowers are to you and the atmosphere you wish to create.

Generally, our couples spend between £2,500 -  £9,000 on their wedding. However we like to treat every wedding as unique,  prices supplied in the first proposal are therefore just estimates or rough guides, so that you can get an idea of what your ideal flowers and our services would cost you.


How can we get the flowers we want within our budget?

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Being open about this initially does not mean I’m going to max it out. I actually want you to have the flowers you dreamed of.


I personally count out each stem/bunch of the flowers I am planning to purchase for your wedding! On average, I use around 1,000 flower/greenery stems for a wedding, and I need to account for each of those in my pricing, to provide you with most accurate quote. 


We are happy to work to your budget and can look at options to reduce the costs, these can include changing the flowers, altering the size or designs, considering fragrant foliage and sometimes removing  elements which we could class as a nice to have. 


Just call us and ask , we are here for you!

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Jacqui O is proud of the beautiful crafted florals which reflect and celebrate your individuality and unique personal style. We limit the number of events and weddings we do each season so that we can offer our clients the highest level of service and attention. I usually work on one wedding per day or sometimes two very small weddings but this is very rare.

Will you be working on any other weddings on my date?

Who will set up the flowers on my wedding?

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As a floral designer all our products are hand crafted and no two are ever the same, as flowers are a natural product they can vary in colour and size during the growing season. We would rather you look through our gallery, instagram and pinterest  and  admire the quality and style of our work, than to restrict and hold us to a mock-up. We work with the very best wedding venues  in Cheshire where you are able to see examples of our work or if you prefer we will make a sample. *Please note this will be charged for.


Can you make me a sample bouquet?

Jacqui will design, make and set up your wedding flowers very occasionally we use an experienced team to support us with production and set up to ensure your florals are perfect for your big day. 

Have you worked at our church / venue?

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We have been lucky enough to design at many beautiful churches and wedding venues across the North West and sometimes further a field. Some of our favourite venues to dress include Dorfold Hall, Iscoyd Park and Combermere Abbey.  We try to make the whole process as easy as possible for you. If we haven’t worked with your specific venue before, then we will typically arrange a site visit to understand the space and make recommendations for the perfect florals. You are more than welcome to  join we so we can walk through it together.


Jacqui O does not aim to be the cheapest she aims to be the best, providing illustrious impact! A wedding on average takes over a week to plan, prep and deliver, you're not just paying for the final product—you're paying for the talent, expertise and service of a floral couturier and not a florist who offers a different service.  Our pricing includes:


  • PLANNING & PREPARATION - Jacqui has worked with you to understand the vision and inspiration of the wedding flowers for your big day. Behind the scenes, we are making mental notes of many other details that make all the difference for a perfectly planned wedding.

  • SOURCING & PRODUCTION - Wedding flowers are a premium product and that comes with a price tag, especially if you’ve chosen a specific variety or colour; at the height of the wedding season the price of white roses can double and triple on some days, yet, chances are, you had your quote anything up to six months earlier. We look after your flowers days before your wedding to ensure the blooms are open to perfection. This involves striping all the leaves, thorns from the stems and placing in water and solutions to hydrate them in clean buckets we have lined up.

  • FLORAL ART - we spend countless hours in the placement and design of each arrangement and/or floral piece: from bouquets to each hand-created boutonniere, corsage, centrepiece, aisle flower and all the tiny detail. The process requires that each stem is given a fresh cut, carefully placed into an arrangement.

  • DELIVERY & SET UP -  To transport and deliver flowers, each design must be packaged and misted to arrive in one piece to the wedding venue and sometime multiple locations. Extra time is allotted to ensure arrival with no challenges. Once they have arrived, all flowers are placed in the coolest spot, and then on-site set-up begins and we add any other finishing touches to the wedding day look.

  • COLLECTION & DISMANTLE - The morning after your beautiful wedding we return early to your venue collect the vases, and hire kit and act upon your wishes for your wedding flowers from remaking into gifts, to gifting them to a charity on your behalf. Once we return to the studio all the items are unloaded, cleaned and returned to storage for the next outing.


 A floral designer has one chance to get your flowers right there are no second chances, a new bouquet can’t be delivered the next day because there isn’t the next day!! However, as an experienced professional floral designer I aim to get it right and delight every time. 

Are you the most expensive floral designer in Cheshire?