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Top 10 focal flowers at the heart of the bouquet


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At the heart of nearly every bouquet and floral arrangement there is a focal flower. The focal or mass flower is the show stopping bloom that is admired by all, it commands the attention of the viewer, so in a bridal bouquet this may be a rose, peony or protea. This focal flower is then supported with other blooms know as transitional or filler these are bushy stems with clusters of flower such as gypsophila, spray roses or waxflower. Depending on the design you may have line or spike flowers these include delphiniums, snap dragons or astilbe. These three elements create the perfect bouquet, a floral designer will usual start designing with your favourite focal flower in mind.

Rosa Princess Maya


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A classic, timeless and elegant choice for a wedding, the rose has long been seen as the flower of love, beauty and romance.  There’s a rose for every wedding colour palette and bouquet style.


There are two types of roses: hybrid tea roses uniformly shaped - those you find in a flower shop - and garden roses. These old-fashioned varieties have many petals, are sweetly scented and take you back to the romantic Jane Austen era. Every year, dozens of new varieties are created by breeders and are simply irresistible to us here at Jacqui O.

Garden Rose, delphiniums and echinops bridal bouquet by Jacqui O
TULIP WEDDING FLOWERS, Crown Hotel, Nantwich


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The ever-cheerful tulip, although associated with Holland, actually originates in Iran.  In the sixteenth century, tulips were very valuable and giving a tulip meant you were giving the recipient a fortune. Today it still holds true, although the value is no longer money, but the message you convey.


Tulips come in an array of colours and varieties to choose from. Dutch tulips, often found in the garden, usually look elegant and have single or double rows of petals. You can now find eye-catching fringed and parrot tulips with serrated petals if you are looking for something a little different.


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The charming spring ranunculus is a great alternative to a rose. It has beautiful, ruffled, crepe-paper thin petals adding a delicate, textural and romantic touch to your bouquet.


Its petals open one by one, slowly revealing its dark-coloured heart. In Victorian times, the gift of a bunch of ranunculus meant the giver found the receiver very charming indeed! Perfect if you have found your Prince Charming!

Ranunculus, eustoma and hypericum pink bridal bouquet
Dahilia wedding bouquet in white, pinks and cerise


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A striking bloom for late summer or early autumn, adding an air of sophistication to your wedding. If you are a romantic at heart you will love their symbolism of ‘forever yours’.


A magnificent flower, which comes in many shades and shapes so you can take your pick to suit your wedding style, from bright and vibrant to soft and muted. Once seen as old fashioned, this flower is now seeing a resurgence in popularity.


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The hydrangea represents gratitude, grace and beauty and is full of dainty flowers clustered together to form one lush bloom.


The flower lends itself naturally to floral arrangements, although a touch in a bouquet adds a little something special when accessorised with a bridal gown. It may also be used on its own to make a stand alone statement. 

Image courtesy of  Lee Allen Photography

Bee Friendly British wedding flower bouquet, Sefton Park
Bridesmaid orchid posy bouquet

Image courtesy of  Neil Redfern Photography

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A spectacular flower which comes in over 25,000 varieties. Our clients’ favourites include butterfly-like Phalaenopsis, the modern Vanda and the bold Cymbidium, which all create a luxurious style when added to a shower or hand-tied.


They make a show-stopping accessory as you walk down the aisle to say ‘I do’. Orchids symbolise pure friendship and in Brazil, when given as a gift, you give a kiss for each flower - how romantic!

Image courtesy of  Damion Brandon


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South Africa's beautiful national flower, the protea makes an unusual, bold and beautiful statement. It adds a dramatic touch to your bouquet, whether you choose a bohemian, tropical or dreamy vibe.


The heart of the flower is surrounded by spiky petals that have a soft, velvety texture and, as a fibrous flower, it’s a perfect option for a long-lasting bloom for your wedding day, since it will also dry beautifully.

Winter wedding bouquet by Jacqui O, Iscoyd Park, Shropshire
Calla bouquet at Rookery Hall, Nantwich

Image courtesy of  Helen Williams  Photography


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A simply elegant stem, considered to be a symbol of purity, sympathy and beauty. The flower is also thought to be lucky, as it resembles that of a goblet drinking vessel from ancient Roman festivities.


Calla lilies, or Zantedeschia as they are also known, are often seen in contemporary classic bouquets to show their beautiful trumpet shape off in all its splendour. They make elegant buttonholes too.

Image courtesy of HBA Photography


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If any flower symbolises adoration, loyalty and longevity – all intrinsic to a successful marriage - the sunflower does. In Greek mythology, the beautiful sea-nymph Clytia fell in love with the sun god, Apollo. However, he didn’t reciprocate her love and she died of a broken heart. She was transformed into a sunflower that always turns its head towards the sun. 


Sunflowers are the archetypal summer flower, making them perfect for a July or August wedding. They also come in a range of darker colours, ideal for autumnal weddings. Their sunny blooms create just as much impact in a bouquet on their own as they do when paired with a multitude of other flowers to give your bridal look a burst of sunshine.

Sunflower wedding bouquet by Jacqui O
Chrysanthemum, rose and euclaptus bridal bouquet by Jacqui O, Cheshire florals
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A versatile bloom that adds volume and texture and has an extremely long life, spray chrysanthemums are often found in gift bouquets. However there are some beautiful Disbudded (large single headed) and Santini (tiny sprays) chrysanthemums now available.


They represent health and happiness so are the perfect flower to include in your wedding bouquet.

Whether it’s a sunflower or a rose, here at Jacqui O we can talk you through your favourite flowers to pinpoint which one you’d like to have as your focal flower, and create the perfect bespoke wedding bouquet just for you.

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