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Chic new wedding floral style


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If you’re saying ‘I do’ this year or next, there’s so much choice when it comes to the latest wedding trends. Couples are seizing the chance to show their unique personalities and making their stunning ceremony décor and statement aisles more personal, while going for smaller, elegant and more impactful bouquets. As we become more aware of our connection with nature, there’s even more emphasis on the natural world, sustainability and rambling greenery. Here we explore and share some of the upcoming trends you have to look forward to.

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Your bridal bouquet is your ultimate wedding accessory and brides have been carrying blooms down the aisle for centuries! There's lots of beautiful options and the latest trends don't disappoint.

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Petite, minimalist bouquets and posies reflect the modern design trend of less is more and are perfect for those who want to focus on their favourite flower or colour, to achieve a look of

understated elegance. Brides are choosing posies filled with a single flower variety, celebrating its beauty en mass, such as the classic high tea rose. Some clients are adding a contemporary twist by reflexing each petal to make it more impactful, or just holding a small bunch of dainty lily-of-the-valley on their own and simply tied, à la Sophie Lauren and Audrey Hepburn, reflecting the golden years of Hollywood.



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In 2023, Pantone has announced Viva Magenta as the Color of the Year. This is a bold and playful shade of red that is also welcoming to all. You can try adding a touch of this vibrant hue to your bouquet or posy by incorporating spring ruffled ranunculus, textural scabiosa summer blooms, or bold autumn dahlias. Additionally, a warm rose would be a great addition to a winter wedding.


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Sustainability and environmental awareness will be a top priority for years to come, and at Jacqui O, we are thinking more and more about how we can recycle, repurpose and reuse our wedding flowers. Sustainable designs for bridal bouquets are focusing on using smaller quantities of seasonal, locally sourced blooms. Seasonal British garden flowers such as sweet peas, cornflower, daisies, nigella, forget-me-nots and lily-of-the-valley make beautiful bouquets and posies, and it looks like dried flowers, which saw a resurgence in 2020, are here to stay. If you want your blooms to be enjoyed a little longer ask your floral designer if they can be dried to be treasured at home or spread a little joy by donating them to a local hospital, hospice or care home. Every little helps the bees! 

And if you are looking for The perfect bridal bouquet & wedding gown silhouette pairing take a look at our super useful article.



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With less emphasis on bridal bouquets, statement aisles and ceremony room décor are becoming a major feature of weddings this year. After all, it’s the opening act to your big day, it’s your guests’ first impression, it’s all about wowing your guests in an immersive experience, it’s dreamy escapism at its best.  


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Did you know that while a straight aisle has religious connotations, a winding one can signify the “journey” of a marriage? A quirky new wedding trend is to have a winding aisle that reflects the couple’s beliefs and personalities and encourages a less traditional layout and seating plan. A flowing, floral pathway that leads up to a spectacular floral installation can help to emphasise the beauty of the location or personalise your venue, and it’s just soooo romantic - or imagine a sea of white roses dotted down the aisle with flickering candles for a luxe vibe. Add to the feeling of magic that surrounds the ceremony by decorating the entrance to the aisle with alstroemerias which look like little butterflies, or floaty asparagus ferns giving a dream-like vibe. 

Plus, you can easily move and repurpose your beautiful grounded arrangements from your ceremony to your reception,, adding a touch of elegance to both events.

Jacqui O- Crewe Hall -wedding ceremony flowers
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Ceremony arches, or crescents, make for a stunning, lavish backdrop that reflect the bridal couple’s personalities and are set to be a big hit this year. To evoke a rambling forest, they can be covered in tree branches or, for an alternative rustic touch, made using stained wood. Asymmetrical crescents, with each half decorated with different flowers, textures and colours, can be a breath taking, memorable way to symbolise the gateway into your new life together. Or go for a sleek and modern vibe with a metal frame, decorated with a bright hit of colourful florals such as vibrant sunflowers or romantic peonies, to contrast with the simplicity of the arch. Choose a shape that means something to you – circles represent eternal love and unity, elegant triangles symbolise the couple’s harmonious blending, while square arches emphasise the strength of your bond.


A sustainable option to reduce fresh flower waste, is to rent a silk flower arch and personalise it with in-season real flowers, mixing fresh with faux fresh. This is perfect for those who are dying to have a particular bloom that might not be in season on their special day.



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Our couples are focusing on creating some escapism as they spend time with loved ones for a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s about an immersive experience for their guests that's designed to transform and personalise their reception like no other, resulting in treasured memories. From floral installations to a beautiful meal around a stunning table, whatever the size of the wedding, it allows the couple to truly make the event space theirs, whilst staying authentic.

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Sensuous, sophisticated tablescapes are the focus at receptions in 2023/24. They tell the story of your day, after all, it's where your guests spend the majority of their day.


It's all about the details for our clients as they want everyone to engage, laugh and share with each other across the table. They are choosing simple wedding centrepieces for their guests' tables, including small bowl arrangements with a few of their favourite blooms paired with stylish accessories coming together to make one beautiful display in the centre of the guests’ tables.


As a flower designer and visual stylist,  I love to craft a story when creating floral masterpieces for my clients, here we capture the essence of the Dutch masters' painting by using floral compotes, fruits associated with the gods, abundance and positive symbolism and candlelight. The compositions spotlighting locally grown flowers and  ‘quicksand’ roses dotted the length of the banquet table, giving guests space. 


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As couples are increasingly embracing the wonder and beauty of nature, they are starting to bring it indoors and are incorporating the natural world more and more into their wedding designs. Leafy plants in pots, clusters of sensuously waving grasses, and even romantic trees dotted up and down the aisle or around the reception room all add colour and texture to the occasion and can last for long after the event. Trees represent a relationship growing and thriving, and the different varieties are full of meaning themselves: proclaim your happiness with apple trees, state your adoration and love for each other with cherry trees and hint at hope and new beginnings with silver birches. Mesmerising ceiling decorations with extravagant florals and greenery such as vines or ivy cascading down from above also create a lavish, flowing look.


hanging greenery

Flowers are the essential ingredient to any successful event and incorporating some heartfelt, personal touches into your wedding day festivities makes it a day you will treasure forever. 

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