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Chic new floral styles for weddings in 2021  that celebrate your love, and family reunions. As we emerge from the pandemic focus is being put on creating a spectacular experience for guests, all while considering sustainability, colour with a contemporary nod to the  nostalgic eras. 


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As we have spent more time at home in our garden we have watched the seasonal change and its given us time to reflect on what's important to us and given us time to reconnect with nature and there's a re-found love for gardening and home grown.


 Mother nature provides some beautiful organic forms and there's no better choice than using eco-friendly locally sourced garden grown blooms.  Artisan flowers offer natural movement with their relaxed imperfect stems and shapes.  It's a relaxed, informal garden style. 

This is a great way to support local communities, celebrate native flowers, and reduce  wastage and thinking sustainably  is continuing to grow momentum in the economy as people choose to 'Buy Local'. Our 'Bee Friendly' collection launched in 2017 is proving very popular with our environmentally- conscious couples.  Learn more about ' Bee Friendly'  here.

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Close your eyes and visualise the way you want your guests to feel when they enter and leave your wedding. From artistic floral displays  to beautiful meal around a stunning table whatever the size of the wedding. It's all about creating treasured memories and an immersive experience for you and your special guests that's designed to transform and tailor your ceremony and reception for some escapism.


Wedding couples are asking their floral designer to get creative and more experiential as the floristry industry is being recognised for the artistry it can bring to guest a new experience.  From floral architectural sculptures such symmetrical floral columns to aisle runners giving guests a tactile experience whilst you say 'I do' in style. Most of these designs can be relocated for a floral photo booth for guests to enjoy after the ceremony adding further to the guest feeling appreciated.

There are endless possibilities from every guest receiving a buttonhole to guests going home with armful of flowers as couples share their love and graditude with others.

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Nature is a precious treasure and our well-being depends on our plant world. There has been an explosion of plants being added to our homes and it's been scientifically proven to boost your mood.


I am sure this will be a wedding trend going forward for the eco-conscious. Plants have the power to change a blank venue instantly into a modern lush oasis from back drops to tablescapes. A mixture of fresh cut flowers combined with potted plants that can be given to guests as a momentum of the day is something to watch out for.


Minimalist design is another up and coming trend to watch for.  The Eastern floral design style of Ikebana is about balance and vitality as people want to to break free from the hectic pace of everyday life they once led. The carefully selected flower ingredients are given space to be admired for its imperfect perfection.


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 In times of uncertainty we need reassurance and we look to the past. The 70's are filled with pared back earthy grounded colours,  think retro-inspired soft neutrals of buttercream to mustards, terracotta to burnt sienna, avocado with a colourful pop of  lilac. 


We are also seeing a return to petite bouquets and simply understated table centrepieces with carefully selected blooms that have meaning  and  arranged in a way to best represent the couples personality and unique style. 


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Mood-boosting palettes are a totally personal choice we are seeing lots of variables as couples personalise their palette however three which are gaining popularity amongst our clients are:


Colours of the Rainbow  - Rainbows were the sign of hope and thanks  last year is emerging which is informal, spirited and cheerful. This is often the choice of those having a small intimate ceremony locally and gathering  their nearest and dearest to celebrate in extravagant  style in their gardens at home or at their favourite restaurant.

Transparency White -   timelessness reminiscent of dreamlike gowns from a Jane Austen Novel. The florals are light, airy and delicate with trailing clematis, textural astrantia and pretty agapanthus. It's perfect for those wanting to transport their guests to a country estate with Mr Darcey.  

Italian Lemon - Stylish, floaty and romantic transporting you and your guests to the Italian coast sipping limoncino by the clear blue mediterranean and dining with family amongst the soft sage green of the Olive groves. The floral palette is pastel with lemon  garden roses, fragrant herbs and a hint of blue with delphiniums. 

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The fashion runways in 2020 saw flowers become a seasonal trend on the catwalks. We are seeing couples looking at other industries such as interiors and fashion designers to help create their vision. Flowers are undoubtedly the ultimate accessory and this is definitely a trend to watch for in the wedding industry. Wearable flowers that make a statement like this lapel allow for self-expression as the boundaries of what's normal is explored.   

We see flowers are the essential ingredient to any successful event and incorporating some heartfelt, personal touches into your wedding day festivities makes it a day you will treasure forever.


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Dried flowers saw a comeback in 2020 these everlasting beauties of delicate dried textural flowers is a trend here to stay for a little longer with its southern provincial vibe.  Often mixed with fresh flowers to give it a contemporary feel. This bouquet is filled with sustainably locally harvested dried flowers in neutral and nude shades. Although the African sun produces particularly interesting florals for this trend too.

There’s also a resurgence in popularity of  textures, using dried tropical leaves, grasses and baby's breath but with a modern twist hand-dipped in an array of bright and vibrant colours. So the dried trend has something for everyone.