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Choosing the British Bloom Wedding is a very special option.

These locally sourced Cheshire grown flowers are perfect for rustic, wild floral, natural and classic country styles in any location.  

It allows you to have truly unique flowers that are in season and completely bespoke to you. 

Why are British Blooms so special?

With over 400 varieties to choose from, the British Blooms are constantly growing unusual and unfamiliar flowers and foliage to impress all of your guests.

Your British Blooms will have a much stronger scent as they are picked from the soils of our local producer Carols Gardens.  There are absolutely no pesticides used in the growing process.

They won’t have had as long a journey as our European blooms, which means their carbon footprint is much less, serving those brides that care about the environment with eco-friendly options.

Buying British helps to support our country’s growers and support our economy.

How we work together to create your British Blooms wedding

We meet together and choose the perfect colour palette to suit the theme for your big day.

The day before your wedding, we will freshly pick your flowers in the colours you have chosen.

You receive a beautiful, locally sourced bouquet that supports British growers and completely WOWs your guests with a totally bespoke choice. 

No-one else will ever receive the exact same flowers as the ones we pick for you, as nature truly inspires your day.

These British Blooms are only available from April to October.

Mother Nature decides what will grow and when, so we can’t promise you a certain type of flower, but we can say it will be 100% natural and organic.

There is a huge range of flowers grown at Carol Gardens to match your wedding theme that will be freshly picked that day.

If you have a certain dislike to a particular flower, then just let us know in advance and we will make sure not to include.

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