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Behind every flower there's a story

 that helps you tell yours, planning an unforgettable wedding to remember

Ohara astible sweet avalanche rose


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Our sensuous quality florals are sourced just for you from our specialist  'bee friendly' summer British growers and dedicated international growers who produce cut flowers all year round to ensure your florals are breathtaking on your special day.


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There are some fabulous British growers across the country who offer blooms full of character that are perfect for flower lovers, from April until October. Our favourite blooms come from our Cheshire artisan grower, Carol, and occasionally from our dedicated flower farmers in Lincolnshire and Cornwall, to extend the season and range.


If you are free and spontaneous and like all things natural, then these flowers are for you!  Artisan blooms have an abundance of scent, along with textures that are influenced by the natural rhythms of the seasons. These flowers transport you to the wild British woodland and country flower meadows of times gone by, where true love blossomed - just like in a Jane Austen novel. 


Romantic couples often choose sustainable garden flowers which are grown, not flown, because they care about the environment, butterflies and bees in the countryside.


Mother Nature always knows what's best and creates a stunning array of shapes, colours and fragrances. The ’bee friendly’ palette of ultra violets, combined with beautifully cultivated pastels, is a dream come true for any couple who trusts their floral designer to select the best that nature has to offer.

Spring wedding bouquet, Dorfold Hall, Nantwich
Poppy & ranunculus  flowers
Wedding flower table centrepeice


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Here at Jacqui O, we nurture a few of our favourite flowers and foliages in our very own secret garden.


We have fragrant herbs such as rosemary and mint, ‘bunny tail’ meadow grasses and romantic peonies, to name a few, adding a personal touch and a little magic to our artistic creations.


These are limited and exclusive to our luxury weddings as this is also my sanctuary of tranquillity and relaxation,  watching the butterflies, counting the bees and listening to the song of the blackbirds and robins who are welcomed visitors in my little oasis.


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You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for with our internationally grown blooms from Kenya, Ecuador and the Netherlands. These offer an extensive, fresh and seductive range that suits your style. The scrumptious flowers are grown in large numbers by dedicated specialists in greenhouses, polytunnels and occasionally outdoors. Many of these growers have inherited their green fingers from their family and their business go back generations.


Where possible, we source from those committed to social sustainability and eco-friendly methods and passionate about supporting their local community.  Some of our talented growers reuse rainwater to hydrate their flowers, use solar panels to heat the greenhouses and even use 

natural predators like chickens to capture pests. Yes, you read that right - chickens! Lilies for Life, a Dutch lily grower, adopted featherless rescue chickens to eat the weeds and bugs, and rest assured they love their new home nearly as much as we love their lilies.


The nostalgic garden roses from Alexandra farms in Colombia are a testament to growing beauty that’s kind to people and the planet. They send their hand-picked flowers in cardboard sleeves so they can be recycled, every bunch is “signed” with a sticker bearing the name of the employee who packed it and, when you select their roses such as the popular lavender scented O'Hara garden rose with just a hint of blush, you are supporting their programme to help workers buy their own homes, many of whom are single mums. 


Meanwhile, Marginpar is a business which has 17 farms in five countries, including four in Africa, and grow a few of our favourites such as Clematis, Eryngium and Craspedia. We love their ethos: ‘We grow people, our people grow unique flowers’ and their commitment has seen them provide fresh water to the local villages and support education. They continue to strive to improve their flowers and social sustainability.


Behind every flower there's a story; a person who has grown, picked or designed your flowers with love before they arrive in your hands.

Rose & Astible bridal bouquet, SCOTTSPOCK, DOXFORD BARNS
Rose, hydangea and Astilbe table centrepiece, SCOTTSPOCK, DOXFORD BARNS
'Sweet Avalanche' Rose, hydangea and Astilbe table centrepiece, SCOTTSPOCK, DOXFORD BARNS
'Sweet Avalanche' Rose, and Astilbe bridal bouquet, SCOTTSPOCK, DOXFORD BARNS


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