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4 Top tips to keep your bridal bouquet 

 all day


You've dreamt about this day for months and of course, you want picture-perfect photos. After all, there’s nothing more romantic than a bride walking down the aisle towards her loved one, carrying a fresh bridal bouquet. It’s your ultimate wedding accessory and should complement the beautiful detail on your dress.  However, with the hot summers we are now having, cut flowers can quickly wilt in the heat. 

Read on for 4 top tips to keep your bridal bouquet looking fresh all day...   

yellow and orange wedding bridal bouquet

Photographer: Steven Rooney Photography

High temperatures pose a threat to fresh-cut flowers. While it’s true that flowers need the sun when they’re growing, as soon as they’re cut, sunlight dehydrates them, causing them to fade faster. Make sure you keep your flowers in a cool, dark spot until you’re ready to use them - the bath in the en-suite is one of our favourite places. Also, keep them away from air-con and fans. Cut flowers will wilt just as readily under direct air as they will in sunlight - so don't sit them next to an open window.


White and green bouquet AnnaBethPhotography


Here at Jacqui O we like to deliver the bouquets in water where possible, and depending on the design, to keep them as fresh as fresh can be.


Once they’re cut, it’s very important to keep your flowers hydrated. However, you need to take special care with your water’s temperature. Hot water will dehydrate your flowers, and cold water will shock and wither your blooms. Instead, use warm water. Flowers are able to easily absorb warm water, which helps them retain their form. The temperature of the water can enhance your flowers’ longevity.   


You probably haven’t thought about this, but you will most likely only be holding your bouquet during your ceremony and photography sessions. After all, there are guests to greet, glasses of champagne to carry, and people to dance with. Unless you can’t put them down because you love them so much, you can place your flowers in vases when you’re not using them.  Ask your florist to provide vases for your wedding breakfast so you can keep your flowers hydrated for as long as possible. To keep them in tip-top condition and so your flowers can enjoy a refreshing drink, a dedicated flower friend can even make fresh, new cuts along the bottom of the stems each time the flowers are returned to the water, as a stem reseals itself after 20 minutes.  Or get a bridesmaid to mist them throughout the day with a small amount of water. Be careful though, as too much water can make them wilt in the heat. Alternatively, you could keep things au naturel, and embrace the wilt…


thistle and orchid bridal bouquet

Photographer: Anna Beth Photography

Photographer: Damian Brandon Photography

Bridal bouquet

The decay and withering of flowers are hastened by ethylene gas, which is produced when fruits and other foods ripen. Hormones released by potted plants also hasten their ageing, and can speed up the deterioration of your wedding bouquet. Keep your flowers at a safe distance. 


A professional floral designer will help you pick blooms that are durable and reliable, such as roses, sunflowers, orchids and dahlias, to name a few. Some designers use a formula to help the flowers retain their moisture during hot weather. Much as we’d love to, florists can't control the weather or the wilt of your flowers - but we can use our experience and knowledge to support you in having beautiful flowers, come rain or shine.



Photographer: Alexandra Wilson Photography

Photographer: Sarah Maria Photography

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